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Good aftertoon ladies and gentlemen. That was a good little nap. So what's the chance the remaiining Ichigo fights are are revisited from where it left off in the last week's episode? There is THE fight with Grimjow, then there is the guy with the sheath, and then Mr. Ulqui. That should cover up this week's 20 minute slot with few seconds to spare where Aizen-sama is given the opportunity to chime in, "I have been watching you all your life Ichigo...., you sexy piece of man candy." The episode ends. So... how far off the mark am I? I guess I'll never know.


Absolutely no manga spoilers in any anime-only threads such as the weekly Episode Discussion threads. That means, no hints, or vague remarks about a future event from the manga, even within the spoiler tags. Inability to observe this rule will sresult in a BAN!
Hey i just saw that new episode today

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i have theory my self what ichigo is and how he was born like that
first that his parents aren't actually his parents.(why i think so) he does have bright orange hair and no one in his family seems to have orange hair and if they aren't actually his parents is that his real parents is that one of them is a hollow and the other a human and he got his shinigami powers from rukia or from somewhere else

Well ichigos mother has orange hair and Yuzu just has a little brown to hers except Ichigos hair is spike y and people who pick fights with him seem to hate it

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