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Originally Posted by miroku2192 View Post
You're part human and

On a more serious note, so what about his little sisters? Shouldn't that mean that they also have some butt-awesome super duper frigging amazing z0mg shinihollow powers?
I have my own theories on this
Masaki was able to see ghost like Orihime or was a shinigami like Rukia or at least a substitute why Isshin was a full blood and this gene moved down into the family.

Ichigo- See ghoast well- came from father
Kaien- Could see ghost well and this came from father
Yuzu- Sees ghost sort of good and this came from Masaki

Ichigo never had the hogyoku.
Based on the manga, Ichigo got his powers with Urahara.
Of course he never actually had it
The manga also says the hogyoku can do other stuff too

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