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In my lifelong experience of British Journalism, the BBC is considered pro-EU. Now The Telegraph, they'd have a clearer bias.

I'd like you to show me any case of yellow journalism on the BBC's part that can at all compare to what Fox News shovels out. I don't think the BBC has any outright agenda, beyond the fact that they have a broadly liberal culture. British liberalism has generally been pro Europe over the years.
I have no problem with BBC coverage of Europe, but I'd say it's a stretch to call them "pro". Rather that the overall bias within Britain is so drastically anti-Europe that a fair "neutral" coverage (which I'd attribute to BBC) feels "pro". But maybe it's that I don't read normal everyday coverage too much. If someone wants to point me to gushing articles on BBC explaining why Europe is the future, I'd be curious to hear about them.

But yea, BBC is no Foxnews, not at all. Foxnews is mean-spirited propagandistic garbage, a true bile tap. It's no coincidence that people watching Foxnews are informed _worse_ than people who don't watch TV at all.
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