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Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
I have no problem with BBC coverage of Europe, but I'd say it's a stretch to call them "pro". Rather that the overall bias within Britain is so drastically anti-Europe that a fair "neutral" coverage (which I'd attribute to BBC) feels "pro". But maybe it's that I don't read normal everyday coverage too much. If someone wants to point me to gushing articles on BBC explaining why Europe is the future, I'd be curious to hear about them.

But yea, BBC is no Foxnews, not at all. Foxnews is mean-spirited propagandistic garbage, a true bile tap. It's no coincidence that people watching Foxnews are informed _worse_ than people who don't watch TV at all.
Maybe not so much the BBC website, but BBC News is notoriously pro-Europe (and left wing in general).

I read an article in a paper that when Cameron vetoed the Merkozy legislation recently, BBC News at 6 spent the first 10 minutes with several dissenting voices acting as if it was a sign of the apocalypse. They then allowed a 2 minute interview to a low-rank government lacky to explain Cameron's rationale before moving on.

Actually come to think of it, didn't the previous DG of BBC all but admit they weren't exactly "fair and balanced" when it came to Europe?
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