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I thought this would have a more mysterious atmosphere but they casually revealed the identities of the main characters without explaining much to us. Not that it's a problem since the setting seems to be pretty simple and cliché. Humans, demons, and demons hunters; we've even got the super special MC and the heroine who happens to be the last of her clan. This episode played all the tropes straight. Kinda boring overall, but I thought the same of Hyouka's first episode and I ended up loving the show, so I'll withhold any judgment for now. Even if the content is bad, the shiny Kyoani packaging is enough to make it worth watching. Some really great animation in this episode. It's refreshing to see them do action again.

One thing I found intriguing in this ep is that the students didn't pay any mind to the Youma. Is it because everybody has knowledge of the supernatural in this setting or could they simply not see the creature? I'm hoping for the former but it's most likely the latter.
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