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Well I should have expected it, but Kyoukai no Kanata first episode was mediocre. It has great visuals and animation and a decent soundtrack as expected of Kyoani's production values, and it's encouraging to see them tackle a new genre for once, but do they really need to use the same old "Kyoani" style quirks, moe antics and juvenile dialogue even for a supernatural/action series? The main female character in particular, wow did I want to stab her (pun intended). She's just another run of the mill cutesy, shy annoying moeblob and quite out of place given the setting. Yeh they tried to be all serious with the way she was stabbing betamaleguy (forgot his name), but that didnt mess well with what she was like later.

Some people have been comparing this to how Hyouka started, but I have to disagree. Hyouka was pretty understated at the start, too understated I would say to the point it was boring (until it became the fantastic piece of work over its course), but this just has all the checkboxes ticked for a typical Kyoani show with the moe antics, silly comedy, bland characters and dialogue but with a supernatural theme on the side. At this point I think it's just gonna be one of those "oh we are pretending to be something, but really we are just a moe/comedy show at heart with action/supernatural elements only as a side" that we have been seeing too much by the studio. The only thing that could make it worse is forced melodrama/romance in its 2nd half which isnt off the table either considering what the ED was like. Talking about OP/EDs, I quite liked the OP as it had a melancholic feel similar to Hyouka's OP (not as good though) but the ED was pretty garbage with that boy-band like vocalist.

Disappointing first episode.

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