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Generally, people knows more about Christianity than Islam, so a Jesus joke may success (just hypothesis), but a Muhammad joke will definitely has a negative consequence.

Originally Posted by danin8r44 View Post
Afterall it never says not to portray Muhammad at all anywhere in the Qur'an.
Qur'an isn't the only text that Muslims have to follow. Religions don't work like that. You must not do anything against the holy text (Qur'an, Bible...), but it doesn't mean that's the only thing you must not do, right?

I think even the craziest zealot would have a hard time trying to not sound like an idiot for addressing their people about something that happened in like Naruto.
Oh, they would if they could. If somehow they gained control of this world, the first thing they do is to put a ban on all fictional works that go against the teaching of their God.

We see sexual scenes are not good for kids, we censor them. They think...Naruto is BLASPHEMY, then ban it. Why not? If they see it as something bad and evil.

Anyone that gets offended by something in an anime probably has a screw loose to begin with. I mean we're talking about a niche market piece of fiction here
Anyone thinks everyone sees anime as a niche market piece of fiction probably has a screw loose to begin with.

Anyone thinks fictional works do not shape the view of public probably has several screws loose.

If there were a doujinshi like the one I described, at least more than one kid in the world would probably think: wow Muslim women are so hot they blaspheme their god. I am not surprise if now I showed Gundam 00 to some of the most illiterate regions of Africa, kids there would think there existed giant robots flying around and fighting in our world for real. Of course, they are just two of the extreme examples, but they happen.
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