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Originally Posted by Cinocard View Post
Generally, people knows more about Christianity than Islam, so a Jesus joke may success (just hypothesis), but a Muhammad joke will definitely has a negative consequence.
Hopefully you didn't mean that as some kind of "justification", eh?
Qur'an isn't the only text that Muslims have to follow. Religions don't work like that. You must not do anything against the holy text (Qur'an, Bible...), but it doesn't mean that's the only thing you must not do, right?
1) That may be true for followers of their religion -- but to expect non-believers to conform is ... presumptuous at best.
2) The Qur'an is the main text of Islam... the rest is simply interpretation and doctrine, i.e. the mulling of mullahs, some of which presume more authority on interpretation of faith than they merit. A Christian analog might be some screwloose "christian church" preacher asserting special understanding of Christianity that involves torturing selected passages for their own purposes.
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