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I dislike it when people tries to force their religion on others.

I can burn any holy text i want be it quran or the bible because i do not subscribe nor care about neither belief. The reason I don't is because i don't see any useful purpose in doing so. If that is reason to be hostile, then "your" religion is truly violent and oppressive.

Just as we see japan as a country full of perverts and sushi, their view of us also differ from our own. Why bother getting so worked up about it? These people aren't going to rule the world and oppress your people with their "view" on your culture.

Should people get so worked up by stereotypes and generalization? While it might not be true for some, it is to an extend, true for most. As a diverse species, could we not just accept those difference instead and be contend that humanity is so much more than any other species on earth?
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