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How about this idea?

The planet of Familiar of Zero (Tsukaima no Zero) exists within the Nanohaverse. Easy enough, as it different enough from Earth to be a completely different planet rather than some alternate counterpart. I mean, it has two moons, one red and one blue.

Instead of Saito, Louise summons Yuuno (as a teenager like her, so post-A's, pre-StrikerS) to be her familiar.

Afterall, the purpose of her familiar is to protect her while she learns how to cast Void magic, and then to protect her for the long periods it takes her to cast and recover from the spells. And who better to provide protection than the Nanohaverse's unrivaled Stone Wall?

Also, we would get to enjoy Yuuno's consternation at becoming an ACTUAL familiar (even if one of a very different kind) and vowing that Chrono would never, ever find out.

He'd also wonder what it is about him that he seems to keep falling in with girls whom possess unbelievable amounts of talent, mostly within the realm of firepower.

On the other side, Yuuno arrives in ferret form, so Louise is somewhat depressed that she could not manage to summon the "powerful and beautiful" familiar she desired. She'll still be happy to have summoned anything at all, and at least Yuuno is cute as a ferret. (Cuter than Montmorency's frog, she'll be quick to retort, when that blonde attempts to backbite her.)

Yuuno will probably play the "I'm a normal ferret" bit for a while as he examines the situation. He might slip up when Louise kisses him or when the contract brand-burns him, but he already proved he can keep his act together while staying with Nanoha's family.

As to which sort of familiar he becomes, the Gandalfr is not quite appropriate for Yuuno, who has no need for mundane weapons at all.

Rather, one might do a little re-arranging of the ZnT setting and swap the Windalfr for the type of familiar that Tristanian Void Mages are alloted to summon.

The Windalfr power to command beasts is much more useful and fitting for Yuuno; not simply considering his own animal form, but also how he could use animals to gather information, and hinder enemy forces in non-fatal ways by using rodents and other pests. Combined with his teleportation abilities, he'd become an able Summoner.

Which itself would be a nice reflection on the fact that Louise was the only current Void Mage to summon a familiar from a completely different planet. Everyone else grabbed someone who was already on-world.

The Earth military weapons that happen to exist on Louise's planet -- the bazooka, the fighter jet and such -- might be left the same, or might be replaced with magitech devices taken from Al Hazard or Belkan worlds.

The "staff of destruction" (ie: bazooka) might be instead be a cousin to Raising Heart or the Schwertkreuz -- a staff which does aid its wielder in causing destruction. It's remained useless to everyone for so long not because they couldn't figure out the priming and trigger mechanisms, but because the Device was as choosy as Raising Heart.
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