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Originally Posted by Tiresias View Post
Hmm, I don't know. Shouldn't the Bureau has some sort of Prime Directive which forbids them from interfering with a "primitive" world's development? That...would kinda tie Yuuno's hands, I'm afraid.

...then again, he already sorta screwed that at the beginning of season one

Well, so long as whoever willing to write the story dares to make drastic changes, I guess. The current ZnT Crossover trend of "Get a character from another series and make him take the same paths as Saito, only more awesome!!!(duel with Guiche, mission to the prince, last stand at Albion, etc)" was overused IMO. Instead of having [Insert Character Here] take the same path as Saito, it's better to have them change the course of the story. Maybe even set the entire setting on fire
The hard part about doing crossovers is that people want to follow canon to *some* degree.

It's harder to change stuff at the beginning rather than at the end of a series. Unless you throw it all out an make it A.U. completely.

Even SRW, as crazy as it gets with the crossovers, STILL covers the base story, just changes how it comes to be.

It's not a bad thing to cover the base canon, but going scene for scene is bad.

I mean, in SRW W, when it was time for the Rugby match that happened in Fufumo, Kaname tells Sousuke to make sure that rivals don't get in and screw everything up.

What does he do?

Puts so many land mines out that when Dr. Hell's beasts show up later, they're instantly vaporized from the explosion.

And those things tended to give Mazinger a hard time.

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