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From data I've collected on this board and the ISML forums (55 nominators), here are the 84 characters with the most nominations in Nova and the nomination total for every character in Stella:

Spoiler for Nova Top 84:

Spoiler for The Stella 73:

64 Nova characters and 47 Stella characters get in via nominations. 50 Nova characters in my tally had 3 or more nominations leaving 14 spots for the 34 characters with 2 nominations. Exactly 47 Stella characters in my tally had 3 or more nominations.

Unlike last year where it seemed like Homura was running away with the top spot, no one in Nova stands way above the rest. This is probably due to Asuna and Rikka already prequalifying for the preliminaries. I'm still a bit surprised that Inaba Himeko is in first place. I didn't think she looked that good during the seasonal tournaments and I think there are a fair number of characters stronger than she is. Maybe the timing of the lastest Kokoro Connect episodes helped her out. It doesn't seem to have helped Nagase Iori or Kiriyama Yui, though.

A few characters that I think might have some strength (at least at the preliminary level) that don't seem to be getting much support are Nyaruko, Akazawa Izumi and Takanashi Sora. Akazawa probably isn't someone most people would think of when nominating but she seemed to do decently well against Tojou Koneko in a 3 way match. I'm not sure why Nyaruko and Sora aren't getting more support, though. Maybe they are more popular with nominators off the two boards I looked at.

In the Stella division, I expected Kanade to run away with the top spot. However, I think a lot of her fans are passing her up under the assumption that she's a lock to make it so she only reaches 3rd. It turns out that it's Victorique in the top spot with Kuroneko not far behind. Eucliwood and Charlotte round out the top 5. Kawasumi Mai is apparently quite popular here even when I don't go out of my way to rally for her. She's in 6th but I expect her support to be much lower in the official nomination tally.

For the most part the characters that are strong enough to have a shot at making the regular season in Stella are doing well in the nominations. Aragaki Ayase looks a bit low but I'm not sure if she's strong enough to make the regular season cut anymore. Ikaros and Last Order seem to be a bit low as well.

So far no one on my tally has made an illegal nomination for Athena. I'm a bit disappointed in this and I'm tempted to intentionally throw away one of my own nominations in the interest of upholding tradition. >_>
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