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We have received record number of nominations this year. Sadly, we have found much more than 20% of any Nova nomination to include names of those who are autoqualified or is in Stella division. These ineligible nominations are of benefit to no one, so we need some inputs as to how to help people nominate those that are eligible and avoid nominating those ineligible. The changes and revisions may include how the nomination page should look alike, how you word the instructions, any gimmicks, applications, tricks, whatever that lets more people know what to do and what not to do. Please help.

For your reference, below is how the form looked in English. I will also add how the traditional Chinese page would look alike
Spoiler for English:

Spoiler for Traditional Chinese:

Please help. These ineligible nominations are of big drain on our resources and also of great pain to those who didn't nominate someone they want in mistake.
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