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Originally Posted by gunners2787
I'm going to collect more.. since i'm now short of cash and sources...
all of them are not painted.... they came with factory paint... therefore it's not detail painted.... I'm trying to paint them with standard oil paints which they sell in the toy shop i visited couple of days ago... but ppl say there is a tendency of "destroying" or make the model look bad by hand painting it... so... since this is my first time painting.. i'm going to sacrifice 1 model and see how it goes....
Hand painting is an art, it requires a steady hand and a lot of patience (I mean whole lot). I normally avoid oil paints as its harder to fix you're mistakes should you make any.

Generally, my paints of choice are Humbrol enamels or Tamiya acrylics depending on the model being made (both brands have large color selections, come with mixing guides and in various finishs). Normally I paint while I'm assembling the model, I find it easier and gives a better result for the finished product. I usually start by sanding the part to be painted (this is more useful on smooth sections than detailed areas), this evens out any bumps on the part's surface and if it's two joined parts that are being painted it allows one to smooth out the join seam (sometimes requires filler material since no piece is ever formed perfectly). After a part is painted I let it sit for +6 hours to ensure the paint is completely dry before I continue.

Before final assembly I like to apply any and all decals to the model, use a good Gundam pen or pinstrip brush to detail panel lines and indents where needed, and sometimes go over the model with an airbrush to dull the finish and give the model an aged look (I don't like my models looking like they just rolled out of the factory - blackening around thruster ports is a nice effect). One day I'd like to master the art of battle damage, but that's for the future.
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