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Realistically speaking, if the fan translation group doesn't work on it already, everything depend on when NISA announce they won't localize SDR2.
And suffice to say, I don't expect much from the sales because:
1) The anime will be done by the time Trigger Happy Havoc (the hell with that name...) is released, so a lot of people won't bother since they already know the solution
2) Being a vita game, it arguably won't appeal a lot of customers to begin with

And knowing NISA, they will take their sweet time with any announcement whatsoever. Theorically, if the translation group really wait for their decision, I can't see them starting the translation before 2015, so no translation patch before at least 2016 (unless they get insane translator all of a sudden).

The ideal situation would be that the translation group isn't hindered by NISA and/or NISA announce they will release DR1 and SDR2.
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