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I was pissed off by the major difference in pages between some characters. I certainly think that Yasuhiro and Celes really didn't need that many pages for them, whereas Sayaka and Junko have the utter short end of a stick.
Still, good thing SDR2 doesn't have the same system. Grinding the profiles/skills and medals are a major PITA.

Yeah, the sequel really does have improve over the original's weak points by leaps and bounds. Though personally I'm not that bothered about Hagakure getting so many free time scenes since he's hilarious, lol.

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One percenter...? What the hell?
From Wikipedia:

One Percenter, a term for a member of an Outlaw motorcycle club derived from the statement "99% of motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens"


Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
The thing is: the original japanese title indicates that the said student is X with a category that is beyond simple high school class. It really implies a category.
To me, super duper is just that, a notion that indicate the student is an excellent high schooler of a given speciality, but that's that.

To illustrate this:
Super Duper High School Programmer: means to me that Chihiro is a high school programmer being quite brilliant
Super/Ultra High School Level Programmer: means Chihiro is a programmer, but from an outstanding high school category.

That's a bit nitpicky, but I see a certain difference there. Ultimate doesn't sound that great to me, considering it would mean they are "the" best at that speciality, unless they mean "Ultimate High School X". If they remove the high school part, it will be quite awkward.

Again, I get the point, and I even admit myself that I'm being nitpicky. But I guess I feel that SHSL is simple and to the point, is all. I mean, the whole reason for the title in the first place is that the Hope's Peak students are all supposed to "super-excel" in their respective fields, correct? So it's not like the original Japanese term literally translates to something like "Ultra Mega Hyper High-school Level", right? I guess what I'm saying is that I feel "Super Duper" is a slightly excessive way of translating a term that already sounds pretty ridiculous in the first place (though again, this is just me being biased here).....
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