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Lelouch Rebellion Part I Ė The Players

The following is a list of all twenty known Astartes Legions and their Primarchs, given in sequence of the Legionís numbering and allegiance. Introductions are included, and full articles describing each Legion in detail will be provided after the description of the Lelouch Rebellion is complete.

Loyalist Legions

1st Legion: Dark Angels
Primarch: Yagami Hayate
First Captain: Reinforce II

Remarks: The Dark Angels prefer the use of combined arms tactics, lessening the reliance upon any one method of war. Famous for its Deathwing Terminator Assault Company and Ravenwing Recon Company, both of which were pet projects of Lady Yagami.


2nd Legion: Orange Legion
Primarch: Fuyou Kaede
Chapter Masters: Shigure Asa, Lisianthus, Nerine

Remarks: Normally split into four separate Chapters led by Lady Fuyou and the other three Chapter Masters, with overall control in the hands of Lady Fuyou. This Legion maintains a chapter near Lord Kyon at all times, acting as his personal bodyguard if the need arises.


3rd Legion: Empressí Children
Primarch: Takamachi Nanoha
First Captain: Vita

Remarks: Favors the employment of heavy firepower to destroy an enemy at range, but highly trained enough to easily hold their own in melee combat. Lady Takamachi has been known to seek nothing less than perfection in the combat standards of her Legion.


5th Legion: Crossed Scars
Primarch: Sagara Sousuke
Equerry: Kaname Chidori

Remarks: Highly trained in infiltration and guerilla tactics, but versatile enough to undertake a wide variety of missions. Famous for a peculiar type of power armour that Lord Sousuke created.


6th Legion: Space Foxes
Primarch: Sawatari Makoto

Remarks: Uses subterfuge and deception to confuse and unbalance an enemy before moving in for the kill. Like Lady Sawatari, this Legion is carefree in nature, and eschews the military discipline that characterizes some of the other Astartes Legions.


7th Legion: Imperial Fist
Primarch: Arthuria
First Captain: Emiya Shirou

Remarks: Siege warfare specialists, this Legion built some of the most impressive fortresses in the Imperium, and are equally capable of tearing down enemy strongholds with ease. Expert duelists, Lady Arthuria is said to have promoted dueling as part of the training regimen for her Legion.


9th Legion: Blood Angels
Primarch: Fate Testarossa Harlaown
First Captain: Signum

Remarks: Specializes in lightning assaults and deadly hand-to-hand combat, but possesses a strong fire support element. Lady Harlown very much molded the Blood Angels in her own image, and is a motherly figure to the Legion. Famous for its unstoppable Death Company Assault Marines and Veteran Assault Company.


13th Legion: Ultramarines
Primarch: Izumi Konata
First Captain: Hiiragi Kagami

Remarks: Employs careful tactics that account for all possibilities and outcomes. Lady Izumiís efficient training of officers has allowed this Legion to operate at peak potential in any situation, truly living up to the name of Ultramarines.


18th Legion: Swords of Fire
Primarch: Shana
Equerry: Sakai Yuji

Remarks: Expert swordsmen, this Legion favors close-range combat, making use of flamers and power swords to burn and tear through foes. As per Lady Shanaís orders, power swords are readily available to all Marines, and rumors persist of new types of power swords being designed and tested.


19th Legion: White Wings
Primarch: Tsukimiya Ayu

Remarks: Specializes in hit and run tactics to wear down an enemy before attacking in strength, due to the influence of Lady Tsukimiya. Like the Orange Legion, the White Wings maintain a company near Lord Kyon at all times.


Traitor Legions

4th Legion: Steel Angels
Primarch: Ayanokouji Kyoshiro
First Captain: Setsuna

Remarks: Relies upon sheer determination and a disciplined advance to shatter an enemy. The Steel Angels are heavily infantry based, with little mechanized support, due to the tactics preferred by their Primarch.


8th Legion: Night Lords
Primarch: Morimiya Aono

Remarks: Famous for their trademark tactics of infiltrating key positions and attacking their enemies at night with fearful intensity. Fear is a tool that Lady Morimiya willingly uses to weaken an enemyís resolve.


10th Legion: Iron Hands
Primarch: Edward Elric
First Captain: Alphonse Elric

Remarks: Prefers the use of prosthetics and cybernetics over the human body, which they see as weak and frail, in order to follow the footsteps of their Primarch. This Legion has a proud tradition of saving and assisting the common people of the Imperium.


11th Legion: Naruto Legion
Primarch: Uzumaki Naruto
Equerry: Haruno Sakura

Remarks: Known for the use of techniques and tactics that leads opponents to fatal mistakes, which the Legion will then exploit. Thanks to the efforts of Lord Uzumaki, this Legion is the largest amongst all twenty Astartes Legions.


12th Legion: Moon Cleavers
Primarch: Kurosaki Ichigo
Equerry: Rukia

Remarks: Heavily favors melee combat, to the point of omitting any form of ranged support. Mindless berserkers when in battle, tearing apart both friend and foe unfortunate enough to be in their way. Lady Rukia has tried to control the Legionís temperament, but to no avail.


14th Legion: Death Seer
Primarch: Tohno Shiki

Remarks: Known for their favorite tactic of concentrating overwhelming force at the weaknesses of an enemy formation. The Legion has been known to enter a state of cold bloodlust occasionally, moving with supernatural speed and easily slaughtering enemies in hand-to-hand combat armed with nothing more than their combat blade. Some suspect this is a trait they inherited from their Primarch.


15th Legion: Thousand Sons
Primarch: Negi Springfield
First Captain: Kagurazaka Asuna

Remarks: Famous for their widespread use of destructive sorcery and magics. The Thousand Sons largely avoids melee combat, preferring to destroy their enemies at range with spells. Led by Lord Springfield, the Thousand Sons are famous for their 31 companies of Marines, all of which are led by the Primarchís former students.


16th Legion: Luna Wolves/Sons of Lelouch
Primarch: Lelouch Lamprouge
First captain: Kozuki Karen

Remarks: Widely recognized as the mightiest of all Astartes Legion, thanks to Lord Lamprougeís tactical genius. This Legion favors fast battles, always preferring to take the fight directly to the heart of the enemy to secure a quick victory, and was one of the Legions most favored by the Empress.


17th Legion: Word Bearers
Primarch: Yagami Light

Remarks: Known for its pride, this Legion believes itself to be superior over mere mortals. Though it employs questionable methods, the Legion fervently believes that they are bringing justice to the galaxy, an ideal that is propagated by their Primarch.


20th Legion: Scarlet Hydra
Primarch: Itou Makoto
Equerry: Saionji Sekai, Katsura Kotonoha

Remarks: A Legion with a decentralized command structure that allows it to mount multiple operations without any loss of command integrity. This Legionís Primarch is missing in action; overall control over the Legion is currently shared between Lady Saionji and Lady Katsura.

In the eternal service of Her Most Holy God-Empress, Suzumiya Haruhi and Primarch Fate Testarossa Harlaown of the Blood Angels Legion.
We are armored by the Empress Herself.
Rightousness is our Shield, Faith our armour and Hatred our weapon.
Aye, we are indeed the Angels of Death.

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