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Lelouch Rebellion – Part III

Visions of treachery

Amidst the differing sentiments among the Primarchs, Warmaster Lelouch took up his new rank with pleasure and threw himself into his duties. However, he found to his detriment that the power the rank conferred was not without strings attached. Eventually, the demands of his appointment began wearing at him, as responsibility after responsibility was piled on his plate.

Primarchs demanded for his attention, seeking his input on the overall direction of the Great Crusade, forcing Lelouch to plan and coordinate the movement of 19 other Legions. To make things worse, the Council of Terra marched in and ordered taxes to be levied on the conquered planets, at the same time asking for Lelouch to bear the burden of overseeing the taxation efforts.

Countless other issues demanded his attention, and all this while there was a war to fight and win, and a galactic Crusade to manage.

It was too much. Even a Primarch, the chosen of the Empress, only had that much energy and patience to spare for so many tasks.

His loyalty to the Empress, which had been rough to begin with, underwent gradual erosion as he did his best to juggle his duties, his work stretching from days to weeks and from weeks to months. Eventually, he perceived the Empress as appreciating him only because of his martial talent, and came to believe that the Empress saw him only as a tool to carve out an empire for Herself, while She remained safely behind in Her Imperial Palace. The final straw came after a spectacular victory against an alien empire known as the Zerus, the final assault of which Lelouch himself took part in. The battle was hard-fought, but the Sons of Lelouch had prevailed in a hostile environment against an alien force that outnumbered them five times over. Yet, the victory was bittersweet as the Legion had sustained high casualties, with nearly three companies worth of Marines killed or heavily wounded in the fighting.

The Empress’ congratulatory message was normal by Her standards, hailing Lelouch’s victory as Her own, and claiming the victory for the Imperium. All the Primarchs had seen this message or its variations on countless occasions, but this time the message touched a deep anger within Lelouch. In his eyes, his warriors had died, and his Legion had fought, for a ruler who was now seemingly only capable of sending self-congratulatory messages that stole the credit for his Legion’s victory. Driven nearly mad with pent-up anger and frustration, Lelouch set himself upon the path of no return, and he began planning the betrayal of the Empress and the destruction of the Empress’ Golden Throne on Holy Terra. It was in this time that the loyalties of the Sons of Lelouch began to erode as well, as though sensing the changing loyalties of their Primarch.

Realizing the scale of this new undertaking and just how much loyal forces the Empress possessed, the corrupted Primarch began actively searching for a method to balance the odds between his Legion and those of the Empress. Unbidden, Lelouch remembered the so-called gods that the inhabitants of the Joker system worshipped, and how it was said that they can grant great power to any who dared to take it. Seduced by the promise, Lelouch tried to contact these monstrous warp entities, or Chaos Gods, in his bid for more power.

Unknown to him, the Chaos Gods were waiting for him, seeing him as the vessel with which they would finally destroy the works of the Empress of Mankind, whom they hated with a vengeance. The Empress, with Her Great Crusade, had overran and conquered many world inhabited by the worshippers of the Chaos Gods, from whom they derived their power. The Empress would soon scour the galaxy of these unwitting Chaos worshippers, greatly diminishing the power of the Chaos Gods in the process. That was something the Chaos Gods could not allow to come to pass, and they hatched a nefarious plan to destroy the Empress and the Imperium of Mankind.

Lelouch did not know it, but his mind had already been corrupted by the Chaos Gods during the final battle in the Joker system. This corruption had stemmed from his fractured loyalty to the Empress, and the Zerus only served to corrupt the Warmaster further, as the foul aliens were the willing pawn of Chaos. The Chaos Gods knew they would never be able to influence a being as mighty as a Primarch directly, and so they sought to manipulate Lelouch through seeming coincidences and indirect means.

And so the Warmaster made his unholy pact with the Chaos Gods, offering to destroy the Empress in exchange for the right to rule the galaxy. The Chaos Gods were only too happy to accept, and led by their Primarch, the Sons of Lelouch soon became totally corrupted beyond measure, their loyalty for the Empress replaced with a heretical desire to see the Empress cast down from Her Golden Throne, and the Imperium that they had helped built burning around them

In addition to boosting his power beyond what the Empress granted him, the Chaos Gods also unlocked the gift of the Geass that Lelouch possessed. Lelouch’s Geass power had been sealed by the Empress after their initial encounter, as the Empress judged the power too unsafe in the hands of a Primarch. Now, the Chaos Gods unsealed the ability in order to facilitate Lelouch’s corruption of the rest of the Primarchs. While the Geass would not be able to totally control beings as mighty as Primarchs, it would be able to subconsciously affect the Primarchs that are already discontented, allowing Lelouch to manipulate them without alarm.

The die was cast, and Lelouch began his mission of tearing down the Imperium to rebuild it in his image. But first, he began talking to his some of his fellow Primarchs, those that he knew would listen to him and would have a high chance of following him into worship of the Chaos Gods and betrayal against the Empress. The Lelouch Rebellion had begun, and the ingenious thing was, no one knew about it yet. Or so Lelouch thought.
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