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Lelouch Rebellion Ė Part IV

The storm gathers

Unknown to Lelouch, one Primarch was painfully aware of his new loyalties.

Primarch Negi of the Thousand Sons Legion was proficient with sorcery since a young age. The child prodigy of the past had since matured into an outstanding young mage, with powers rivaling that of his fellow Primarchs Nanoha or Fate. In his eternal quest for knowledge, Negi had begun research into the powers of the Immaterium, or more commonly known as the warp. The Empress was not adverse to the use of magic or sorcery, but She rightly frowned upon the use of warp-spawned powers, viewing it as a wild and dangerous tool that could barely be controlled. Thus, when She heard about the latest subject of Negiís researches, She ordered him to cease all his experiments and investigations. The Empress hoped Negi knew She was doing this for his own good.

Negi promised to comply, but he was soon resumed his research at the Thousand Sonsí homeworld of Mahora, secretly this time. His curiosity had gotten the better of him, but he knew he was right to continue his activities when he acquired new gifts and talents from close contact with the power of the warp. Foremost amongst these was the gift of prophecy, also known his third eye. Casting the gaze of his third eye upon the broiling future, Negi was shocked at the revelations that had been hidden from him till that moment.

He saw that Lelouch would soon betray the Empress, and the Primarchs would soon be at war with each other, with the burning galaxy as their prize. He stood as silent witness as loyalties were tested, with every planet declaring for either Lelouch or the Empress.

Horrified at the knowledge, Negi continued to secretly moniter Lelouchís activities with his third eye, but he was too late to act as Lelouch sealed his dark pact with Chaos, just as he feared.

Resolving to warn the Empress, but realizing that traditional lines of communications were too slow, Negi decided to send his message directly to the Empress in Her palace. However, such a feat would require the power of the Immaterium, and the Empressí Palace was sufficiently warded against such power. The shields would have to be destroyed and broken for his message to reach the Empressí ears, but Negi saw it as a way to save his Empressí realm from destruction. Also, Negi hoped that the Empress would validate his studies of the warp when She saw that those very same studies had rescued Her realm.

And so the message was sent, the intensity of the warp powers ensuring that it would be powerful enough to reach the Empress no matter what obstacles were placed in its way. With that done, Negi began waiting for the Empressí response, while preparing his Astartes for a possible confrontation with the Sons of Lelouch.

The wrath of the Empress

In the meantime, Lelouch had already persuaded the Primarchs of the Moon Cleavers, Word Bearers and Naruto Legion to his side. All of them had their own grievances with the Empress, making it easy for Lelouch to turn them using the power of his Geass. The Scarlet Hydras, Steel Angels, Night Lords and Death Seer Legions were already being manipulated into the thrall of Chaos, just as Lelouch planned. The Chaos Gods had decreed that the Iron Hands were to be left alone, for reasons that were kept from him.

The rest of the Space Marine Legions were either too close to Terra to be contacted without raising suspicion, or were too loyal to the Empress to be swayed by his powers. Biding his time as he waited for the total corruption of his chosen Legions, while building support among the Imperial Guard and Navy units that were attached to him, Lelouch waited for the signal that would soon come, the signal for action that the Chaos Gods had promised him. He did not have long to wait.

Primarch Negiís message of Lelouchís rebellion had sped towards the Empressí Palace on Terra at a speed normal communications could never hope to match. When the message arrived, it impacted and overloaded the Palaceís wards and shields with so much power that the energy bled into the Palace interiors, destroying much of the Empressí sensitive projects and causing heavy damage on the Palace wing that housed the Empressí labs. Many of the Palaceís servants were killed or wounded in the sudden destruction, and grief filled the Empressí heart when she arrived at the scene and beheld so many innocent lives lost. At that moment, She received Negiís message and grief turned into rage.

Much of Negiís message had become garbled and incomplete, due to its clash with the Palace shields. The Empress could not make much of what Negi was trying to say, but She did know that he had sent it, and warp power had been used in the messageís creation. Enraged that Negi had defied Her direct orders to cease all involvement with the Immaterium, and thus killing so many of Her loyal servants in the process, the Empress branded Negi a traitor and ordered Primarch Takamachi Nanoha of the Empressí Children to bring Negi to justice.

Nanoha had been with the Empress when they first heard the explosion from the lab buildingís destruction, and they had rushed down to the site together as fast as they could. She was just starting rescue efforts when she received the Empressí pronouncements and orders. Gazing at the carnage around her, Nanoha knew in an instant what the Empress had demanded and what needed to be done. Her Legion, the Empressí Children, was on Terra for rest and refit, but that would need to be cut short.

Gathering her Legion around her, Nanoha set off for the Thousand Sonsí homeworld of Mahora, fully intending to enact the Empressí will and exact terrible retribution upon the traitor Primarch.
In the eternal service of Her Most Holy God-Empress, Suzumiya Haruhi and Primarch Fate Testarossa Harlaown of the Blood Angels Legion.
We are armored by the Empress Herself.
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Aye, we are indeed the Angels of Death.

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