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Vengeance of the Imperium

The defenders of Factory-Citadel Axalon had been ready to sell their lives dearly for their beloved Empress of Mankind. Besieged for weeks, food supplies had long since run out. Cut off and unable to call upon assistance from the Astartes Legions on planet due to the heavy fighting that engulfed the whole of Altec, the defenders prepared to fight to the death in the name of their Empress.

Some of the older Guardsman had explosives strapped to themselves, as they prepared to stage a suicidal charge at the Chaos Marines in an effort to take down as many as they could with them. Demolition charges had been primed, with the entire complex set to self-destruct the moment the traitors stepped into the Citadel. The workers would rather destroy the factory rather than have it defiled at the hands of the foul traitors. All Imperial Guardsman and citizens had since commended their souls to the Empress and were ready to sell themselves dearly, as they looked upon the oncoming horde of Chaos Space Marines from the Scarlet Hydra Legion and prepared for the final battle of their lives.

Fortunately, none of them had to make the sacrifice.

The skies above Axalon darkened with drop pods, the scream of their descent causing the Scarlet Hydras to pause momentarily and search the skies for the source of the commotion. That was their fatal error, as the pods landed amongst their combat formations, killing the Astartes unfortunate enough to be caught by the podsí violent descent. Space Marines armored in the jet black darkness of the night burst from the pods, chainswords whirling and bolters blazing, sowing death and confusion within the ranks of the traitors. The Dark Angels Legions had arrived just in the nick of time, and at their head was the Mistress of the Night Sky, Primarch Yagami Hayate, who personally led her mighty Deathwing Terminator Assault Company to land the killing blow against the Scarlet Hydra formation.

With the strength of the Terminators bought into play, the ill-prepared Scarlet Hydras began an ordered retreat, only to run into the Ravenwing Company, who had swiftly encircled the entire area with their fast strike vehicles. With nowhere to run and hide, the retreat turned into a rout, as the Dark Angels slaughtered the cornered heretics with no quarter asked or received. Lady Hayate herself severely wounded the traitorous Itou Makoto with her Diabolic Emission attack, which resulted in the unconscious traitor Primarch being carried away by his two deputy commanders. With their leader secured, the Scarlet Hydras finally made a concerted effort to break through the tightening noose the Ravenwing had threw around them, and barely succeeded in their attempt, thus allowing the survivors to escape.

All around Altec, similar scenes were repeated as the entirety of the Dark Angels Legion swooped to the rescue of the besieged planet. The Imperial Navy had finally gathered in strength to carve a path through the enemy blockade, creating a gap large enough for the Dark Angelsí fleet to slip through and deliver the waiting Astartes within to Altecís surface.

The recent months had been trying for both Primarch Hayate and her Legion. The Dark Angels were crusading against the Orks on the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy when they were suddenly assaulted by a large contingent of Night Lords Astartes. The cunning traitors had waited until the Dark Angels were fully engaged in a decisive battle against their alien foes before launching a surprise attack upon them. Pinned between two enemies and caught by surprise by one, Lady Hayate had immediately responded by deploying her reserves to hold the Night Lords at bay while the Dark Angels Astartes killed their way through the aliens in front of them. The plan worked perfectly, with the Dark Angels smashing through the aliens, even as the Deathwing kept the Night Lords occupied by sheer brute force.

Once the aliens were crushed, the whole of the Dark Angels Legion fell upon the Night Lords and drove them from the Eastern Fringe, though precious months were spent in doing so. It was during this time that Lady Hayate received Lord Kyonís message and orders. Her first reaction was to immediately gather her Legion and return to the heart of the Imperium to assist in its defense, but Lord Kyon had specifically asked her to return to the Imperium only after she had defeated the enemies sent against her by Warmaster Lelouch. After the Night Lords were driven away, Lady Hayate wasted no time in gathering her Dark Angels back into their waiting ships and making the jump to Altec, the world that Lord Kyon had designated for her to defend.

Lady Hayate had judged rightly that the Factory-Citadels would be running out of food supplies, and in a humanitarian effort, had specially assigned Thunderhawks to deliver food and other vital supplies across the planet. It would be only right and proper to crush the enemy, she reasoned, after all the loyalist warriors on planet were fully fed and reenergized.

Thus revitalized and reinforced, the Dark Angels, in conjunction with the Crossed Scars and Orange Legion, led the purge of Altec. The four traitor Legions, deprived of central leadership, were unable to put up a coherent defense against the hate-fuelled assault of the loyalists. The Imperial Guard regiments swarmed forth from their defensive positions, adding their strength to the attack. Against such force, the traitor Legions finally broke and retreated back into space, where they were pursued and driven away by the Imperial Navy and Dark Angels battle fleets.

Altecís salvation was not the only victory the Imperium enjoyed. Across the Imperium, the Blood Angels, Ultramarines and Sword of Fire Legions struck with unremitting fury against the Chaos Marines, reinforcing their fellow Astartes Legions and in some cases, forcing the traitors to retreat from contested planets. The capital worlds under siege were saved after a campaign lasting several months, with Lelouch finally forced to regroup his forces in the face of intensified opposition.

Brilliance of the Warmaster

The war continued to grind on, with planets changing hands back and forth as the Imperial Loyalists fought the traitors to a standstill. The Warmasterís manpower advantage was balanced by the Empressí iron grip on practically every industrial world in Her Imperium. While the Warmaster could call upon vast numbers of Astartes, almost the entire industry of the Imperium was being channeled into less than half the amount of Astartes and Imperial Guard forces it usually supplied, thus ensuring that all loyalist forces enjoyed the best equipment and weapons, as well as assured mechanized and armor support.

The Imperial forces also fought more skillfully than their Chaotic counterpart, as most of the traitor Legions has long since discarded all semblances of order and discipline. The loyalist Astartes found themselves fighting enemies with practically no tactical sense, allowing them to extract victory in the unlikeliest of situations. When Lelouch realized that he was losing control of his own forces, consequently allowing the Imperial Astartes and Imperial Guard to routinely achieve a three-to-one kill ratio against their counterparts, he knew he had to do something or risk losing the war.

The loyalists suddenly began making major progress during the 8th month of the conflict, as the traitors inexplicably retreated before them with only cursory engagements. The loyalist Primarchs immediately seized upon the chance to mount a major push into the sectors held by the traitors, seeking to reclaim the worlds lost to the Warmaster during his initial attacks. It did not take long for the loyalists to realize that the Naruto Legion and the Iron Hands were the only traitor Legion that were left garrisoning those worlds, with some planets even left totally undefended. Lord Kyon himself was puzzled by the absence of the traitors, and it was only when Lady Konata of the Ultramarines mentioned the possibility of a strong strike against Terra itself did Kyon realize what Lelouch was attempting, and not for the first time he cursed Lelouchís tactical genius.

The Warmaster had orchestrated the withdrawal of his armies to lure the loyalists into overextending their forces, with Lord Kyon and the Primarchs taking the bait. Lelouch had tricked entire Army groups and Astartes Legions into spreading out and fighting in multiple systems that were of no significant importance. Thus, the road to Terra was flung wide open, with the Imperial armies totally out of position to reinforce the cradle of Humanity. Lady Nagato noted that the Warmaster had the strength of eight Astartes Legions and supporting traitor Guard with him. If such a force could reach Terra before reinforcements arrived, then the end of the Imperium was truly at hand.

Lelouchís Legions carved a path of bloody ruin towards Terra with little resistance, especially with the loyalists strung out as they were. By the time the reports of fallen planets reached the Imperial Palace, Kyon had already issued urgent orders for all loyalist Astartes Legions to be recalled back to Terra to aid in her defense. He did not know how many Primarchs could receive his orders, but there was little else to do as he anxiously monitored the advance of the forces of Chaos, each world they conquered taking them a little closer to their ultimate objective of the Imperial Palace.
In the eternal service of Her Most Holy God-Empress, Suzumiya Haruhi and Primarch Fate Testarossa Harlaown of the Blood Angels Legion.
We are armored by the Empress Herself.
Rightousness is our Shield, Faith our armour and Hatred our weapon.
Aye, we are indeed the Angels of Death.

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