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Originally Posted by Crimson Cloud View Post
First it was Erza's fight, then Gray won easily, then Laxus made insignificant appearance and now this. So many troll moves in this arc.
Gray's fight was okay. He found a good counter for Ur's lost magic, then she lost her will to fight in the ocean, where she found something that refers back to the demon island arc. A nice treat for the long-term readers.

Erza's fight though, was too dramatic for the fight it was. The level of drama pumped out there is what you see when people fight end bosses, not mid bosses. That, and the random Jellal moment that made no sense.

Laxus... while I have no problem with his appearance, his passing the buck was meh. This could have been his great return to Fairy Tail, instead his fight went out with a fizzle. He didn't have to win, but a bit more oomph in his fight would have been appreciated.

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