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To me, it feels that the past few chapters have been... to put it in a way, rather 'wastefully filler-ish.' Mashima is no stranger for not delivering the hype, but this arc feels particularly more awkward.

I mean... Just look at Jellal and Laxus in this arc. They basically had no purpose in their appearance other than to induce a cheap climax and NAKAMA power into the fights. They came, they served a rather mundane purpose, and then they left. Personally, I have never really minded these kind of things... but it's a bit jarring when that's all their scene was worth for.

The Jellal revelation to Erza could had been more subtly developed, but rather it was suddenly shoe-horned into a seemingly out-of-place fight with a not-so-related villain. The part where Hades seemingly recalled a small Laxus also ended up having no real meaning to it other than a sudden recalling from Hades.

Part of me feels that Mashima's writing this arc with ideas he's jotted down in points, but without the flow to actually back it up.
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