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Originally Posted by Thess View Post
I said poor adaptation.
Yes, I realize I am unable to spell -_-

Originally Posted by Thess View Post
Since season 2 began (after the first episode), there has nothing but rushing and glossing over scenes. They should have made this series longer if they wanted to focus on unimportant stuff.

Secondly, the flashback was a lot longer than the novel which was a one chapter interlude (basically showing Shirley speaking to Kiritsugu then all going to hell. That was it). They crammed 4 and a half chapters in one episode (last one) while they stretched a single chapter in another? Who taught this people pacing?.
Okay, I can now understand where you are coming from.

I'm not a novel reader, and my knowledge comes from the events the anime had already covered (I am reading the translated portions, but I haven't gotten to this part yet) so I didn't know exactly what was the ratio between chapter-to-episode was.

When you list it as that, I can see now why you might call the second part of the series as being poor for an adaptation.

However, I would say that there are two things to consider here

1)This anime is directed towards not only Type-Moon fans, but also non fans as well. Director Aoki Ei explained that he made the anime with the mind set of ''If I (someone who doesn't really the setting that well) can get it, the audience should be able to as well''. At the end of the day, this show should feel good as a stand alone anime that anyone without any prior knowledge of Type-Moon could pick up and watch first, and events flowing naturally during the episodes second. Being a faithful adaptation, IMO, isn't as important as being a good adaptation that works without the watcher having to go back to the novels to fill in the holes.

2)While the chapter count in the past episode might be higher than this one, or this one elaborating on a single chapter, I think what matters here is to see exactly what is the events they adapted, and how well of a job did they do rather than how many chapters they got into the episode. Last episode was 4 chapters, but these 4 chapters might have been better to be compressed into a single episode rather than have them being dragged down over more episodes, to make the impact of the finale scene in the past episode stronger.

Furthermore, there are going to be extended scenes in the BD releases that fill in the stuff that were cut out do to the time constraints and the nature of the TV episodes, so it's not like they wont include everything in anycase.

I think where I'm coming from is that I felt that this episode did a lot of good for the show, and that what matters here is that things don't feel out of place, not how much content is being covered.

Originally Posted by Thess View Post
Eh, which could have been explained without stretching it and without continuing another irrelevant episode next week? Yes. Irrelevant. Because Hearts of Freaks isn't part of F/Z which is, oh geez, maybe about the Fourth Heaven's Feel?

Nasu says what F/Z is really about in the talks:

“Speaking of, what is the fourth war about?”

“Hum – Saber getting bullied by Gilgamesh and Alexander!”

Well, the NicoNico summery back in the first part said that Kotomine Kirei was the Hero fo this story. Now I'm not syaing one is right and one is wrong, but let's just say one of those had been more of the focus of this show so far.

Originally Posted by kk2extreme View Post
Characters named Shirley don't have good end
Tell me about it. And I really like the name too ...

Damn it, why does it have to be the cute one

Originally Posted by rxrx View Post
I think Kiritsugu killed everyone in the village after he offed his father.
Eh, was there anyone alive in the villiage in the first place after he killed his father?

Originally Posted by Endless Twilight View Post
Really great work from Kajiura this week, perfectly contributing to the whole tropical island atmosphere,
This so much. I found out that Kajiura did a lot better with this show when ever there is a more lowkey or very tense, subdued moments, where her music really shines.
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