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I don't know if this is the right thread or not but did anyone else noticed this:

I really wish this gets finished, i don't even need a story just fighting swarms of beta in an actual TSF suffices for me XD.
I saw those videos in youtube months ago. I think it's not done yet, but I have to applaud the one who's working on it. I can't imagine how much effort was put into it. He should include an option to use the S-11, that'd be a nice addition. If health points is almost out, it'd be wonderful to have an option to pass on with a bang. lol.

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Found quite a gem of a video it really makes you remember all the good parts of the series:
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Enjoy some awesome Videos for MLA in the mean time: (Warning Massive Spoilers if you haven't played)

one of the better summaries of ML to MLA

What can I say? Really loved the scenes from Altered Fable that was used by the videos since it reminded me of how peaceful and fun that world is like. It helps me forget the suffering from Alternative even for just a brief moment.
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