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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
where's chapter 1? is it in this thread too? I don't understand yet on what crossover it is. Crossover of Muv luv and what series/game?
The reason why I said that chapter as chapter 2 is because I not even sure whether or not i should put it as chapter 1 or 2(So,ya,no actual chapter 1 for now)

But now that I decided to put that as chapter 1 because it give out more drama,rather than explain how the mysterious dropship crew got here

Also,it's a crossover with Battletech,a board game,you probably need the sarna wikia to know which technology and robot is which if you have no idea what is battletech because there's like...thousand of battlemech,vehicle,aircraft and many more in the tabletop game

I might finish chapter 1 if my most important exam in my life didn't kill my brain cell
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