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Ok here is the thing. Rey (the OC ) knows that he can't beat all of the Infinities. They are piloting Raptors. And a single Black Eagle can't win against those odds. So instead of focusing on that he focuses on proving that the Raptors are not invincible and that his objective was to beat the Raptor's unbeatable record. He knows that normal radar won't work against stealth unless it's at point blank range. So he decides to use other means.Right before the match starts he loads his TSF with sensor buoys, they are about the size of anti tank mines. The sensor buoys detect sounds, air pressure differences and vibrations in the ground. And since the Infinities are aware of how he normally fights from the intel they have he would have to fight in a way thats unlike him.

When the match started he started moving fast in the town. From the Infinites and command post's viewpoints it looks like he was moving randomly. Moving at full throttle and making 90 degree turns into corners without slowing down, but they didn't notice him dropping of the buoys in the buildings. Then suddenly he stops and stays put. The Infinites get into position to try and take him out. But what they didn't realize is that they just stepped into Rey's territory. He made a grid square using the buoys. When the buoys detected either the sounds of the Raptor's jets nearby, the differences of air pressure when they are flying nearby or the vibrations in the ground when they land the buoys would ping therefore marking their positions. Like this he can track them without using Radar.
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