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1. Reinforced structural frame so that it can better handle higher speeds and sudden accelerations and decelerations. Can handle more punishment from melee blows.

2. Upgraded joints and motors. Substantially increase reactions times and speeds. And increased durability.

3. New miniaturized active and passive electronic scanning radar as well as infrared target acquisition system. New OS has the option of turning the limiters off to allow the pilot freedom of movement and increased reaction times. But this would make the TSF harder to control since it becomes more sensitive. And the pilot will experience extreme G-forces.

4. Thruster units added to the shoulders ( They look similar to the Shiranui Second's ), the waist block and the chest to increase 3D mobility. These thruster units have thrust vectoring nozzles. Improvements are made to speed up deployment of the knife from the knee sheath by several tenths of a second and the back mounted halberd to about 0.5 second. The legs are enlarged to increase propellant capacity.

5. New engines. High output and high efficiency.

6. Two 20mm gatling gun CIWS mounted to the head.

7. New assault cannon design. Fires 36mm rounds and has an underslung 120mm cannon that fires the new 120mm caseless rounds Blackforge develops. The most unique feature of this new design is the barrel. They added coilgun tech into the barrels of the 36m and 120mm. As the 36mm round's gunpowder ignites and makes the shell travel down the barrel the magnetic coils further accelerates the shell. It significantly increases the shell's speed, accuracy and kinetic energy.

8. 120mm autocannon. It looks like a MG460 Automatic Grenade Launcher. For a comparison in size it's the size of a Striker shotgun on a TSF scale. Meant to deliver a hail of 120mm rounds in a short time. It's like a portable fully automatic howitzer.

9. A sword that looks similar to the YF-23's sword. But this sword is a mono molecular blade. It's made of light but strong and resilient composite materials. It's lighter compared to other melee weapons. This thing is built for speed and to slice.

After a live performance in front of the UN Secretary of Defense Blackforge receive UN backing and funds to developed the upgrades. But since Boening has the rights to produce the F-15s Blackforge cannot produce the F-15s. But they weren't planning on making their own TSFs. It's the upgrades that they want to sell.

They called this the F-15EX Black Eagle.

Just how pissed would Sharon, Leon and the rest of the Infinities would be after getting humiliated like that ?

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