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Originally Posted by Chiibi View Post
I never found Usagi-chan annoying at all. ;( Who couldn't relate to her? She just wanted to be normal and have fun....and these stupid monsters keep trying to screw up her life! I know the other senshi didn't whine....but I found them to be less realistic. The other four are the same age yet none of them showed reluctance or fear to fight? They all just accept it and don't complain!
That's just weird!
Speaking only about the anime version here.
I never found strange for them to not complain, nor did I feel they had a too fictional personality to be real people. Although there are some exceptions...
Makoto likes to fight, since she cant beat up people legally, why not direct that urge at monsters? Since she has the opportunity and strength to do so.
Rei is a priestess, I don't really find it all that odd that she would want to combat evil.
Minako is like the refined (yet still immature but funny) version of Usagi. She takes her duty seriously and can still have her happy life, even though it gets interrupted at times.
Ami is actually the one that feels like she doesn't belong there. She's just a bookworm that wants to be a doctor.
Usagi just wants to be a kid obviously, I can't blame her. She knows how to have fun with her life but like Minako, she keeps getting interrupted by monsters.
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