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Originally Posted by Chiibi View Post
Stars is my favorite season, hands-down. Best music, best villians, best comedy fillers, best finale battle.
Even though I like S more, I tend to watch Stars the most often - Galaxia compels me! And then there's that episode where Eternal Sailor Moon's wings get in the way. Moon Pizza Action!

Originally Posted by momobunny View Post
I loved Stars. Usagi really did grow and develop into a more well rounded character by this season... and I really enjoyed her relationship with Seiya.
Seiya is really the creators' attempt to redo the Mamoru romance stuff after his relationship stabilized too much. I like Seiya more every time I rewatch Stars, so something must be working.

Originally Posted by momobunny View Post
On the other hand, Usagi's friends really got the short end of the stick in Stars and I hated that. I honestly wondered why they were even there, there were so many episodes where they were completely useless... and their roles in the final battle were awful. God, I really hope they change that if they decide to adapt Stars again...
On the one hand I wish that the other Senshi had more things to do in the finale, on the other, it's one of the best finales in anime. Galaxia just seems so much more threatening than the other villains.
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