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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
Again, that's up to the production commitee to decide, not the studio, save if they are part of it (which was the case for Chu2koi).
I recall reading somewhere that KyoAni is usually on the production committee for projects that they work on.

By no means they are in a financial situation to allow a reckless production, basically like any other studios.
Well, there's a difference between "reckless" and taking a risk. Reckless would be if KyoAni did something that they knew had no chance whatsoever of selling.

Taking a risk would be KyoAni doing a show with a genre or setting that's unusual for them.

They are pretty much hired, and their success profit goes to the production members mainly.
Wait... isn't KyoAni's next work anime original? So who's hiring KyoAni for that?
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