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I don't really think their perception as "safe" comes from financial worries.

If they just want to play it safe, they would adapt LB! and Rewrite. They would take every moderately popular Kadokawa LN and make it into an anime.

But that's not what happens. Most of their Kadokawa adaptation have been of unpopular franchises at the time of airing. Nobody ever knew that Lucky Star or K-On! existed before Kyoani adapted them. Nichijou was a bit less obscure, but still pretty overlooked. Hyouka was a 10 year-old franchise that nobody on its time cared enough for.

If they come across as always doing the same, I think it has more to do with the directors wanting to do it, and the fans perceiving everything they do as "similar" as a whole just because the setting is the same.
Really, are Nichijou and Hyouka similar? How about any given Key adaptation and Haruhi? I don't think so. The major similarity is the setting, and just maybe the degree of seriousness (I don't agree with this though).

People over at Kyoani really seem to have fun doing the series they do, whether or not they are the same "type" of show. Takemoto chose Hyouka all by himself, because he wanted to do it. It wasn't a Kadokawa call at all.

That's the reason I think Kyoani will not continue doing the "same shows" (not that I think they do that much, anyway) for much longer. They're bound to have people inside the studio with influence that want to do something else, just look at how Tamako Market started in concept. They have enough of a brand name and successes behind their back that they don't need to worry about finances, and they don't. The Hattas have done enough business already to get their studio to where it is today, giving freedom to their directors and animators is the natural thing to do.
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