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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Sorry, Demi, thought I was being obvious enough with what I was doing. I should have suspected you'd come out. :P

To be honest, I'm just taking Sansker's arguments about Force and turning them around to showcase how absurd his arguments have become. You're right, I do like Fate, as I like *all* the characters (though Vivid is trying my limits). But that's also because I'm honest with myself in looking over the information given to us thus far, and seeing that there is no real issue with Hucks.

As you noted, liking or not is subjective. What isn't, are the things Sansker is trying to argue, about us not having information that we were indeed given. It's fine for Sansker to not like Force or the Hucks; but lying about specific information we were given *multiple times* is disingenuous, and unhelpful to those who come here looking for information.

Sorry you felt dragged you into this. :P
Either you're not good with sarcasm or I'm not good at picking it up. Guess I wasn't needed after all.

On a side note, it's so much better to focus and discuss the things you do like, rather than what you don't. Unless you're trying to be a critic.
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