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The Hückebein seem to be rather inconsistent. First they don’t care if they kill SD6 members but then they do. First they don’t mind killing any people that is unlucky enough to cross path with them and later they do. First they want the Silver Cross no matter what and then they don’t… yeah consistency, right there. Just saying guys, is a matter of what you like better. I think we can agree on that we can’t agree on this.
The Huckebein are consistent. They haven't killed any TSAB members with them preventing angering the organization to send more forces after them. Stella even said what they did with the previous encounters: batter them a little and then shake them off like always. They do not want the TSAB to focus all their attention on them. Right now, they have SS6, and they don't want anymore to join the investigation. Curren in chapter 17 I think, in a video after the Vandein Raid clearly told the TSAB not to get involved or just pretend that they are if possible.

They don't want the silver cross specifically, but the carrier of the Zero genome, which Thoma has. Curren leaves him alone for now, believing that they will have another chance have him join them. Right now, she sends him messages with the latest on this gathering she wants him to come to. This has all been brought up before by others.

Also, on another matter, I don't think we should count this current confratation a second SS6 vs. Huckebein. Curren, Veyron and Sonica only came to either eliminate or capture Hardis, but he later proved to be a formidable opponent for them. They knew they had only a limited amount of time before being detected. Now that they have, they need to retreat because they don't want to seriously injure any of SS6 because of Thoma. Of course, SS6 won't let them leave, so some conflict will insure, just that they are fighting to get out than defeat enemies.

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