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Concerning the Huckebein's unwillingness to actively hurt/kill SS6 members, their reasons for doing so isn't some moral quandry--they haven't got a problem fighting them if they have to; DeVille didn't have an issue trying to backstab Nanoha.

Their unwillingness is simply a matter of pragmatism. Not a peacekeeping force, sure, but the Bureau is very much like a police force. And the police are very much like hornets--kill one and you've accomplished in severely pissing off the rest. The Huckebein could very easily wipe out Hayate and crew if they absolutely had to.

But they know that if they did, the whole of the Bureau would come down upon them. And given how effective the Bureau was in StrikerS (brought down an invincible weapon that had literally ended the bloodiest war in Bureau history), the Huckebein would be crushed in very short order. And they don't want that.
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