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Just watched the first episode.

I had not realized Araragi was that smitten with Hanakawa until now. And yes, it's definitely love, not (just) lust. Tsukihi drew the wrong conclusion because her brother just happens to be a giant pervert. He didn't hesitate one second to grab his sister's breasts!
No, I think considering what we know, it just provides a reason for why Araragi cannot love Hanekawa.

Both Karen and Tsukihi provide two definitions for love. Karen provides a more realistic definition... provided that "making babies" bit is just the perverted Araragi way of saying "wanting to start a family". Tsukihi says that love is more "vague", like sort of akin to Old World Romanticism.

However, both Araragi sisters assert that love is normal and simple. From this chronological point in the series, Koyomi isn't aware of Tsubasa's family situation or Black Hanekawa yet, but we know that it makes the relationship between Koyomi and Tsubasa more complex.
With Tsubasa's unpleasant, dysfunctional family and Black Hanekawa nearly killing Koyomi at one point, he would find it uncomfortable to be around her all the time to want to start a family. Karen's definition of love is out.
Even supposing that Tsubasa's family issues raise Koyomi's respect for her because she has to be strong to put up it, it brings in a specific reason why Koyomi would like Tsubasa, which contradicts Tsukihi's definition that love must be vague and simple.

That may be why Koyomi said he wanted to forget or undo Golden Week in that brief wall of text. The events that transpired, from Hanekawa's unpleasant family to having to seeing Black Hanekawa for the first time, may have caused him to fall out of love towards Tsubasa.
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