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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
That may be why Koyomi said he wanted to forget or undo Golden Week in that brief wall of text. The events that transpired, from Hanekawa's unpleasant family to having to seeing Black Hanekawa for the first time, may have caused him to fall out of love towards Tsubasa.
I agree with you. I think Araragi was truly in love with Hanekawa, however the events of the golden week changed everything. He started seeing her differently afterwards. Perhaps he realized she wasn't really who he thought she was. Hard to tell for sure at this point... Still waiting for the final two episodes. I'm curious to see what happened between the two of them.

Anyway, what I meant to say earlier is that I had no idea Araragi loved her at some point. I thought he had always only seen her as a friend. One he wouldn't mind having sex with, but still just a friend.
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