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Originally Posted by Jimmy C View Post
I have a problem I hope you guys can help me with. It's not a Gundam model, but it is by Bandai. I was able to put the model together uneventfully, but I ran into trouble with the decals.
At first sight, they looked like the wet transfer decals I had worked with in the past. But when I soaked these in water- for over a minute even!- the decal did not detatch from the paper backing. In fact, it pulled a layer of the paper along with it when it detatched. Then I found out I could actually rub away the layer of paper stuck to the decal without damaging the decal itself. But the decal has no adhesiveness.
So, does anyone have experience with this kind of decals from Bandai? What's the proper way to apply them?
Whats the color of the paper backing, and what year was it made? Thats usually the best indication of what you are handling

For earlier topics: Whoa how come some of you guys use such rough grits? At MOST I use 600, thats when sanding down a big nub Im too afraid to cut with nippers or my hobby knife. From there (Or after I cut using aforementioned tools) I go with 1000 to 1500 and sometimes 2000, which takes some care because you may overpolish the part resulting in a shinier glossier finish (for topcoaters this wont matter too much)
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