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The reason why I chose SAO is because of how big the differences in marks are. Just go through several pages of reviews and you'll see a following pattern: 10, 10, 9, 1,6,8, 2,10, 8,3,7,9,4 and etc...
It is even funny how for almost each 10 you find 1-4.

SAO has massive variety in votes, a lot of bad and good marks. Usually the rating for shows is pretty similar and only differs in like 1-2 marks what isn't a huge difference. Occasionally you meet one two hater and that's it. While SAO is clearly divided in to two groups: haters and lovers. Rating for SAO is very different and depends on what I had mentioned. This is one of the reasons why I never did this kind of calculations for other shows. Because as you said, they won't work because marks are pretty close to each other.

The only other show I can think of for which this could work would be Haruhi because it also has pretty big hater base with low ratings.
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