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I'm pretty excited for these! The announcement definitely gave me the little push I needed to jump into the 3DS bandwagon. Got my Vita on launch and have been very happy with it ever since, and I was holding out for Pokemon to grab a 3DS, so having that + Fire Emblem Awakening this year sealed the deal, lol.

As for the game... well, I'm not exactly dying over the new 3D models/environment because I still think good 2D is infinitely better looking, but I understand they need to keep it fresh and, honestly, it doesn't look all that bad, even if the textures are really low quality. Then again, I suppose they have a ton of time to work on that 'til release, and as such I won't judge the graphics just yet. The battle graphics, however, did surprise me, because those models actually look pretty neat! I wasn't a fan of the 3D Dex ones, but they have a bit of a cel-shaded feel to them and it just looks really nice. I just hope they'll find a way to have the battles feel dynamic, because it'd be a step back to have them slow down the pace yet again, after finally improving it with Gen V.

Pokemon-wise, these starters are probably the best looking ones ever since Gen 2 for me, and that's saying quite a bit. I overall like all the past starters, Gen IV aside, but they did a good job this time around. Fennekin is particularly cute and my probable pick as long as they don't ruin it up with yet another Fire/Fighting evolution, lol. I don't know if I can live through that yet again, and it's about time they shook up the Fire line. Three straight Fire/Fighting mons is more than enough!

Oh, and last but not least, fingers crossed for the final evolutions of those three to be actually useable. God knows how much I suffered at the hands of GRASS-ONLY Serperior.
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