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Animation Quality: 8

For the most part, the animation was very good, game effects and motion style were nice. There were, of course, certain episodes of subpar quality, but perfection is hard to achieve.

Voice Actors: 9

The protagonists in both games got their emotions through, the VAs fit those characters well.

Script: 7

VRMMO is a great base for a story - mixing real world occurences in between made the experience even better, although ALO felt much more like a game than SAO; that's to be expected though, since its world wasn't focused on as much and the reason of their creation was quite different too, making ALO no more than a superficial clone of SAO.

Soundtrack: 7

Standard stuff, pleasing to the ears, maybe one or two slightly overused themes, but mostly good work.

Enjoyment: 10

Undergeared Kirito owning Eugene was definitely one of my favorite scenes, but I fully enjoyed each episode, from 1 to 25. It's not easy to make anime as immersing as this one...

Emotional Involvement:10

Both stories were very touching, although SAO hits harder due to the death penalty and the copious amounts of misery that world had seen. The moment when the game got cleared was indeed a moment of katharsis.

So, 9/10 from me, I will remember this anime and probably watch it over at some point, if we don't have VRMMOs by 2025 Definitely recommended to all RPG fans, it's a fun trip to a magical world.
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