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^Like I said hypocrites.

Another DLC they should have given not the costumes as DLC. All previous DMC series the costumes are free and unlockable even now the Bloody Palace is a timed DLC.

They should have thought more better DLC's than this, I thought they where gonna innovate this series? All I see a $4 marketing for the DMC3 costume and that's it? Also as I remember Vergil's downfall is pre-order DLC, it is in the Disc, seems no one pre-ordered.

Oh yeah been to a local store btw earlier this morning lots of DmC copies are on the self 1 row to be exact, then the guy was trying to sell me DmC since I was looking at it, but I pointed ala Rikka style Woop Woop and said K-on style No thank you and looked at other games.
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