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I gotta say I loved SAO. It's been a long while since an anime has pulled my heart strings and I felt a relationship between two characters as special. Kirito is such a likable character and plays well in the lawful good role he's hard not to like. Asuna as well is sweet, thus they make a lovely couple.

Having played one of the early MMO's I could see myself relating to the show. I wish I saw more dungeon raiding of a significant level. I suppose it was good for them to show only one major raid level fight so not to weary the audience. The tactics could have been more complex, but when you're dealing with pure melee and no magic based environments I guess it was pretty good.

The second part with ALO was fun, while the whole younger sister crush thing was somewhat annoying, I wish they explored more of their real life relationship as previewed by the opening animation. Perhaps the weakest part of this arc was the boss. More subtly would not have been amiss.

Overall: 9/10
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