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Originally Posted by mrShady View Post
So you're saying that Naruto in sage mode without the Kyuubi will get to be just as strong as flashback Hashirama?
i think this is possible. sage mode is just the spirit bomb. hashirama is stronger because his version draws more chakra or something to that affect. when naruto learns the same, i believe he will level up to this status

Originally Posted by mrShady View Post
Now do you see my point. It's lame that these dead guys are this powerful, it really wasn't necessary.
the original sage of 6 was strong enough by himself to take on a full powered juubi. he then became two lineages. considering that madara explained the story of the sage to obito offscreen, and currently hashirama is starting his story at he and madara, im feeling like we are not going to get much more insight into the actual So6 paths for all intents and purposes these two legendary ninja (madara and hash) represent the power of the two sons of the sage...a combined power capable of taking down the juubi

also sasuke is gonna have to team up with naruto at some point

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That Senju jutsu that the 1st used at the end of the chapter looked like a super up version of Asuma's Thousand armed murder in the anime. I wonder if Kishi saw that filler and said: yeah I like that, I'm gonna take that.
Still "thousand armed" seems to be more a Senju (literally thousand arms) thing than a Saritobi one.
i think its the other way around. that technique asuma used was borrowed from his monk friend. i think when its all said and done, a deity or some divine being will be responsible for making hashirama as powerful as he is
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