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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
^naruto was the ultimate underdog for a while. sure, the kyuubi was in him, but its use during the haku and zabuza arc wasn't naruto, it was the kyuubi taking him over like an evil spirit possessing a young child. and from then on it was a demon we saw in his mind who was always threatening him. naruto was always being put down by everyone around him, even the kyuubi. he had no friends and was always thought to be a loser who wouldn't win in any of his fights like vs kiba and neji. only after he beat gaara did the village start to treat him as more of a comrade and his underdogness vanished rather quickly into feats of kage-level strength
None of that is being an underdog. Naruto has a nuclear bomb in his stomach, so any of the earlier fights he was in could have been solved at any time by the nuclear bomb going off (it's what happened against Haku, and then he started to learn hopw to control it). It doesn't matter if it was an evil presence or like a possession, it was still a force within Naruto that made it so he could not die or, in some of the earlier fights (specifically Negi's and Gaara's) be defeated. It doesn't matter that Naruto was put down on, considered a loser, mocked and ridiculed for his childish stunts, treated as an equal, etc. He had the Kyuubi, and the Kyuubi almost always evened the odds. He was not an underdog, just unappreciated.
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