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Originally Posted by Prestige View Post
They are simply running out of time, we dont know how far is Impel Down from Marineford and how long it takes to sail there.

Gaolers surely have very powerful and impressive fighters and Shiriyu should be at par with Magellan.

Its good to have exctiting and difficult fights in Impel Down but Luffy simply dont have time.

Not to mention there is Marine cruiser-class battleship(s) and possible vice admiral guarding it... there will be many battles before they can hope to reach sea.

I just love to see Crocodile and I like how he interracts with people and how he will fare with his ex-minions.
well time may be of little abundance but what the band of bandits do have is momentum, the whole lot of them are basically riding a huge high and thats I would say is enough to see most of reach the exit and beyond. Also without doubt they will only increase their numbers as they ascend ID.
Even tho ID have numbers and powerful fighters too but its still gonna be one of a task to stop such a tidal wave.

I hope there is some VA still lingering about just outside, would be nice to see some in action.

can't wait!!
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