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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
And what the federation has done to them is any different? Kio is torn because understands the pain of both sides.
Are you trying to justify that if one side's government abandoned you it's okay to go and shoot up innocent civilians and cities that had nothing to do with it to begin with?(Some of the colonies had no Federation bases to begin with) When has the Federation ever gone and gun down civilians on sight? You can try to spin it to make the Vagans more sympathetic but it doesn't work at all. Hell the Federation even tried making peace with the Vagans to begin with and you can make all the assumptions you want but Ezcelant himself stated that he rejected it because that wasn't part of the Eden plan.

Granted, the Federation is corrupt okay we understand that. When the colonization failed the higher-ups covered it up and the rest became history. That there is a huge betrayal on their end and in the end Flit made them pay the price for it.

But wait! As Kio finds out it's not even about that. It's all for some crazy Destiny plan that Ezcelant cooked up to find the best and strongest for his Eden plan and that also involved killing his own people.

That's what makes zero sense on how Kio came to the conclusion about "understanding" and get's a big fat zero on that part. If the war started because some Federation warship opened fire by accident and killed a Vagan civilian ship, I could see that but that's not what the war is about.

It's about revealing the truth that the Vagans are being misled but as we've seen with Asemu that avenue didn't work at all. IMO that's what Kio should've been doing but crying on the battlefield is the worst place to do it.

Kio understands nothing. He meets one sick girl and all of a sudden the war is about misunderstanding? It's like meeting a sick German girl in WWII that had no knowledge of what was happening in the war and then all of a sudden every Imperial Japanese soldiers' (Loyal to Emperor) actions are excused and they should be protected? He also complains about Flit not understanding but he should be aware that Flit lost a whole lot of loved ones over the decades and that takes a huge toll on an individual. At the very least he should try to understand him instead of preaching his nonsense.

It would've helped a lot of Kio had met other civilians on Vaga that weren't too happy with the way the war was going and such but so far in AGE we've seen like nothing on the Vagan side. I mean with all of them like Zeheart, how the hell does one even reason with them?

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