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Originally Posted by EvI View Post
i think that if there is a next part, it will be shioon,goomooryong, shiho and some allies vs sunwoo and the BFD (something like, the protagonists against the whole world).
i hope the author bring these three together again )

now it's time to shioon to officially become a badass ahahaaha
but i'm guessing that when he reaches goomooryong he will be bloody and tired...
i like how you think.


well, this chapter is a good one, the death flag for the elder is shinning more, if jiniee call him again..., another move of 9 arts..without the blood.. and glasses is a interesting one

i wonder why i cant fully enjoy the new waves....

....ah..yeah.....the enemy is a group of wannabes (teenager and young people )....and the big enemy is drugging 9 arts...

...i miss the vs against really masters, the infiltration...even that car persecution..ahh..the old art
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