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seriously is it so freaking hard to let shioon get to that tower already... you could
do that in just 1 page... in 5panels..... 3upper panels show the forest... on right there is nothing... middle there is a noise between trees...left one intense feeling of imense amount of ki (some clouds of some people saying what is this ki).... lower panels show shioon appearing from the forest line... and people shocked to see him (not knowing if this was his ki they just felt)

it leaves some drama...of not knowing what was happening inside that forest...and he is at the goal in just 1page... story moves faster everyone is happy

I have a feeling that it moved so freaking slow becouse the authors had no idea what to do next so they were streaching the story to max !! but they reached such steach level that it wouldnt work anymore so they take a hiatus....
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