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Originally Posted by KatonMakai
-You know as much as I admire your enthusiasm for the 4 tailed transformation and Naruto in general you have to understand that the Sharingan was always a hacked Kekkei Genkai. This is nothing new to us so there's no reason to be upset about it. It's just like Uchiha Rurik said, "Just accept it". I'm sure once Nauto completes his training he'll waste Sasuke-hime in a Redux clash.
Accept it? Sorry, but there are some things that can make people stop watching and this, for me, is starting to be one of those things. I have accepted too many so called "f*ck ups" with naruto, and they are piling too high. I will still continue reading the manga and lurking around here in hopes to FINALLY get the information what I want, the fillers are ending.

Uchiha_Rurik: I don't think Orochimaru meant 4 tailed Naruto wasn't as strong as Sasuke, I only remember him wondering who would win, Naruto or Sasuke but if I recall correctly, this was before Naruto even transformed. I guess I'll go check the manga episodes out.
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