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Originally Posted by Ansa View Post
it seems you DO have a theory but you don't need to be so hostile about it.

Personally I think they are linked, it's more then just plausible and if they aren't meant to be linked then why would they have so many things that DO link the series together in it if they are not meant to be linked, Miyu's existence and how it relates to 'that person' (Alyssa) is pretty much proof unless you consider that the Alyssa like character shown in one of Miyu's flashbacks a completely different person from the MH Alyssa which is highly unlikely as the area in the flashback looks more like an earth town then a place in 'earl'
You may have a point there, but i think the reason for seeing alot of references from MH could be just because the creators just wanted to recycle them for MO without connecting the two series in mind. Look at Tsubasa chronicle for example, you know it contains characters and things from previous series. From having sakura and syaoran as the main characters but different people, to using items from previous series like in the first book when sakura's brother had a sword that looked like zagato's from magic knight rayearth, or the symbol appering underneith yukito's feet, or when yuko had a staff similar to sakura's in CC.

While MO being only an AU, who's to say sunrise won't turn around and make some kind of prequel to connect the two together. Like you said, they do have alot of stuff. All they need is the right explination.
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